Monday, June 8, 2009

Chasing Marriage.

675 days.

Leaving for Minnesota in 3 and can't keep my mind off of the countdown.

I predict that the Johnson wedding (6/13) is going to be both a beautiful affair and reunion of friends. I see a lot of tears and laughter and getting down and dirty on the dance floor in the near future...

And while we're on the subject of weddings, you may have heard that I am the slightest bit interested in them and, eh'em, mine. Planning on any level really gets my juices going. Baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthday soirees - anything involving food, friends, themes, design, making lists - I'm there and on it. I'll be dedicating a portion of my blog to what is said to be a near obsession of mine.

Whether it's posting plans and photos of parties of my own, or sharing ideas stolen (or borrowed) from others, I figure this is a good outlet for me to rant and rave. And a good outlet for poor Ari who has been endlessly tortured by my talk of weddings and marriage and hurry-up and...would give the man some damn time and space and let him have his own way!? But a girl has to dream...and I will. Online.

My first of the wedding posts is of a picture I pulled off of Style Me Pretty - currently one of my favorite blogs out there. This particular bride crafted her own necklace for the big day. Absolutely stunning. What a unique piece to throw into an otherwise very traditional bridal getup. And she opted to only wear for some pictures which adds variety for her selection of photo faves and looks.

Cheers to breaking away from the norm and styling on a tight budget!

Photo Credit: Alders Photography

Tip: Homemade necklaces - very affordable bridesmaids gifts too!

Stay tuned... Johnson Wedding details and pictures to come.

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  1. hey there! jenny smith here from alders photography! thank you so much for posting my photo (and for the photo credit!). i see you are getting married in MN! I am originally from there! Funny coincidence. If you are still looking for a photographer: