Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chasing Sun and Glass.

674 days.

I'm finding it funny that it's going to take a trip to Minnesota to get some sunshine in my life. June gloom has officially kidnapped the early summer in California. My mood and my tan (or lack thereof) do not appreciate this.

Last night I was flying solo - Ari is up in Santa Barbara working with Shawn Stussy. Now, what to entertain me? Thanks to the Netflix Watch Instantly feature, I was able to choose from an
array of movies to stream directly to my computer, watching in the comfort of my own bed! Gosh I sound like an advertisement with all of that unnecessary enthusiasm. Anyways, my pick for the evening: the documentary, "Glass" - a 12 chapter portrait of the in
famous composer Philip Glass.

I was fascinated. Fascinated enough to stay up until nearly 1AM glued to this story. His character. Ego-less workaholic. His talents. Many. His spiritual interests. Self-proclaimed "Jewish-Taoist-Hindu-Toltec-Buddhist."

Take a quick listen on iTunes. Or the samples I've posted in the right column of this blog. You certainly might recognize his music. The Hours. Notes on a Scandal. Koyaanisqatsi. Watchmen. The Fog of War. Now listen, close your eyes, and imagine this far-from-mad madman sitting at home, penciling bitty notes on music paper as if he were writing a script in some alien language, building entire symphonies from scratch.

Glass likens music to a river running under ground - it's always there, he just chooses to listen to it. Something tells me I don't have the same access to this river. But I am happy to hear what it tells him.

Photo Credits: Chuck Close

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