Monday, November 2, 2009

Grapefruitti Tutti.

It definitely took me a bit to reeeallly get used to the taste of grapefruit. But once I DID - I fell in love. What a wonderful, healthy treat. Sprinkle some crystal sugar on top? Yes, please? Pick from a tree at your hotel in Palm Springs and mix some freshly squeezed juice and a little vodka? Yes, YES please.

Thanks to Haley & Danny and their GENEROUS gift to us - we had a Halloween night in the desert. Ari and I travel a fair amount - but rarely alone. And though we did miss our travel companions, we also had some great quality time one-on-one. The moment we got in the car and set off, we were talking - politics, spirituality, charity, babies, future, present - and didn't stop. Well, maybe for a nap or two or swim here and there. I must say, again, how incredibly grateful I feel to have a friend and lovahhh and partner like Mr. Schneiderman. He is so intelligent and down to earth and patient and funny and perfectly weird. It may sound incredibly cliche - but he truly makes me better. What more could one ask for?

Soulmate forevermate. Sigh. BIG sigh:)

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