Friday, November 6, 2009

Rock & Sushi Roll.

Last night Ari and I had dinner at the casa of some lovely friends of ours - Brad & Beth. I'll be featuring their new residence in a few months for a new project I'm working on BUT - until then...

Some back story.

Brad told Beth when they met that he had three jobs he wanted to work in his lifetime:

1. Taxi Cab Driver
2. Stunt Man
3. Sushi Chef

#2 was a go until he tore his ACL. #3 - learned the craft in 3 months at a sushi restaurant on the East Coast, I believe? And #1...well I can't wait to hear how that one goes, when the time comes!

The food was absolutely delicious (AND gorgeous). Roll by roll we filled our tummies to tunes of a Japanese rap group Ari threw on the iPod dock. Why he already had this in his music library...the world will never know.

*Strayed from the cuisine for Mint Cookie and PB Cup Ice Cream, as you can see. Mmm...

An incredible night! Lucky we are to have such a great couple to laugh, drink, eat, rock...and roll with. xo

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