Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a Small Town Girl.

Episode 4.

Haley and Danny left Manhattan Beach for Wisconsin.
Then bought a house. Started new jobs. Got married.

It's been a big year.

You might be asking yourself - are these people crazy? To trade an ocean view for snow? Beach town for small town? Come inside and you might find that they're not so crazy at all. Well, maybe crazy in love (sing it, B). With each other. Family. Friends. Staying grounded. Cozying by a fire. Boating on a crystal clear lake. And, yes, crazy in love with being Midwesterners.

Once again.

Take a Peek:
the knock, knock questionnaire.

I am...a goof. A lover. Passionate. And a foodie.

My husband is...driven and the definition of a man.

We were born and raised in...Janesville, WI

Favorite night out...Dressed up like they did back in the day; Martinis at a classic bar. Dinner to follow.

Favorite night in...comfies, wine, husband and cozying!

When we moved into our house, I knew the kitchen would be the space that needed the most work! I gave it a little face life to make it have that farm house look and match the rest of the house. Danny helped me saw out the inside panels to the cupboards. Then I installed chicken wire. I also painted all of the cupboards white and sanded to give them a worn look. A little paint, some Anthropologie-dishtowels-turned-curtains and voila…mini makeover complete!

I crave...a drink with something salty. Wine and cheese, vodka and anything, beer and chips/dip.

Our home is...built from love, a place of serenity, and where loved ones meet.

Our favorite travel

Another favorite thing...entertaining people in our home.

Beauty must have...truth.

Formal dining room: I wanted to keep a formal dining room to stay in the time period of the house, but add a more casual feel so I decided to mix painted white wood with dark wood and mix and match the dining room chairs.

Clothing I can't live without...any type of comfy wrap/sweater or cardigan.

Occupation...Mental health and substance abuse counselor.

I love my job because because...if I help one person, it’s worth it. It puts my life in perspective, makes me thankful and forces me to take my own “advice.”

Fondest memory(s) with my family...was my wedding weekend at Coon’s Franklin Lodge.

(See HERE wedding images via the amazing Anda, video HERE)

Best quality in a person is...integrity.

Most prized husband.

Our Favorite city is...Manhattan Beach.

Favorite lounge wear includes...some type of weird nightgown I probably got at a garage sale/second hand shop, or my grandmothers closet.

Song I have on repeat right now is...this never happens to me.

I am thankful health, my husband, my home.

Food I can't live without...Danny says…Haley’s pheasant casserole.

Drink I can't live without...Ketel One straight up with a splash of bloody mary mix! Blue cheese olive, please. Danny loves scotch neat with one ice cube.

My favorite spot in the house is...our Art Deco's view is beautiful during all four seasons. This room makes me makes me feel like we live in the sixties. It is our “grown up” room. We had the most fun decorating it because it is unlike any other room in our house. The mid-century-style orange leather chairs and white tufted couch define this space.

Each of our guest rooms has a theme that is special to us.

Guest room 1: 320 11th St. This is our Manhattan Beach room, which is the address of Danny and I’s first apartment together near the beach. The room was decorated with a palette reminiscent of the colors at the beach; sandy/earthy tones, crisp white curtains/comforter and the wall color that resembles the color of the ocean.

Guest room 2: The B and B room. This room is nostalgic for both of us as I grew up with a flowery/romantic room and Danny’s Grandma O’Byrne had a guest room in her home that she referred to as the “Bed and Breakfast” room. The floral vintage curtains are by far my favorite part!

Favorite place to be creative? The office. Danny loves to sit in this room and think. He has a gorgeous panoramic view of our backyard. The office is his place and his place alone. The vintage 1960 desk lamp was a great find.

Where I live...and what I love about it...We live in a farm house built in 1925 on 2.0 acres in a small community in Wisconsin. I love our landscape looking over corn fields and large oak trees with two large barns in the background. The house is unique and we have made it ours.

Favorite vacation place...Santa Barbara and Napa Valley.

Favorite Movie...”White Christmas”

2011 will be...our full first year of marriage!

I have a collection of...vintage matches and a collection of crosses we have gotten from vacations and important people to us.

poop...makes me laugh...

I've been married for...a little over 2 months.

How we met...funny story. We grew up in Janesville and graduated in the same class. Both went our separate ways and met up again 8 years later in Los Angeles.

And, thank goodness they did. What a wonderfully loving couple with a home to match. I hope to make many, many trips to stay in the years to come.

Love you Mr. & Mrs. C...


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  1. Hey, that's the honey pot I got her! Great GREAT entry Katy, beautiful!! I've been to their house countless times this year and you still managed to make it seem like the first time i've seen it. Bravo!!

  2. I laughed, I cried, I prayed to be reincarnated as Danny Jew Cullen so that I could marry haley and live happily ever after.

  3. SUCH a beautiful home, couple and photos! Once again Katy, you've captured an amazing knock knock!

  4. Ditto to all. GREAT knock, knock K! Loves...

  5. wow they have a beautiful home!! And they seem like such a cool couple!

  6. This was SO fun to read! I LOVE their house.. my favorite touch? The bathroom with all the vintage handheld mirrors- genius!! Great interview & photos!