Wednesday, November 3, 2010

kfd designs.

Do you ever stop by THIS blog?

I do. Every day. And I'm inspired. Every day. Kristen makes me want to take my house, shake it upside down, paint it anew, and throw in a quirky accessory or three or forty two. She has the ability to take a chair you'd see in a dumpster and transform it into a chair you'd find at the home of Jonathan Adler.

Kristen's Furniture Makeovers HERE.
House Tour HERE.
Painting Portfolio HERE.

A truly innovative and artistic machine.

Check out THIS post about a print she recently put up in her family room.
The marbled masterpiece came from a paper store. Sheet of paper + frame from IKEA. Seriously??
Must copy asap.
Perhaps find mine via HERE?

*Thank you, K. And keep on bringing it on. I pray that one day soon, the stars will align and the Schneids will be in Hotlanta Knock-Knock-ing on the Davis' door. Then you will teach me everything you know. Please?*


  1. I've never seen that blog before... thanks for giving me a new one to follow! Also, just watched those videos you made and that you posted a few days ago... absolutely hilarious!!! Looks like you have a lot of fun and loving family/friends! The little boy holding the umbrella = absolutely adorable!

  2. awwwwww thanks! i feel special :)

    i hope we can meet in real life, tooooo. one day, one day.

  3. Nice! I always check this blog too, Katy! Good find :)