Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blocks, the Bea, Berries.

I have this goal and it's called: blog more - say more - share more.   Really just...more.  Period.  DO more.  But this "to-do" list overwhelms me as it grows.  Before I've had a chance to cross off one simple task there are 20 more DOs. The baby and feeding mishaps and just life are making it tricky.  Things aren't perfect around here but they are good.  SO very good.  Unperfectly good.
  In due time I'm going to get there.  I'll get there.  Beware.


  1. You are doing well for being a new mommy. Glad to see the kiddo so healthy and happy.
    Yum! Berries are delicious!


  2. Love those blocks! . . . and the baby too;)

  3. Oh, I know this all too well! You'll get there -and so will I:-)

  4. Short and sweet, I love it all! I'm sure the beginning is a crazy balancing act. Like everything, it takes time to be perfect (if there's really such thing)! Glad to see you're staying positive in the mean time. XOXO