Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Minne_session with Mary + Tommy.

By some miracle, here I sit again.  Blogging.  Alone, in peace and quiet.   Stella and Ari are, again, napping.  I believe some laundry still waits to be folded.  The to-do lists are still there, minus few random tasks.  Phew.  Ari is back at work tomorrow which means it is back to single parenting on the daily for the next few weeks, at the least.  Vacation is over!  I have been spoiled and I'll miss him. However, I am determined to keep a somewhat regular schedule in order for as long as I can, without him here to make it ten times more doable.  I am determined to keep the house semi-neat.  And the cupboards closed.  Ha.  I am determined to get my CYP work on.  But, most important, I will be sure that Stella and I visit some friends, get plenty of sunshine, and play and giggle until that little Bea will have no more.

NOW, quick!  Before they wake up.  Spring minne_session number two is on the loose.  

My next stop was at the K Family's Minneapolis abode.  Here goes...


It is impossible to resist these two and their big blue eyes.  SHE is full of personality and spunk.  HE can be oh-so-serious and then turn on you in a mere second with the biggest, most beaming smile you have ever seen on a human being of that wee size.  There is happiness in this home.  There is energy in this home.  There is life!  Oh, and Mom's name is Katie.  Yes.

Mary toting Tommy around the house reminded me of the sheer joy of becoming a big sister.  It reminded me of how important it is to me that we give Stella a sibling one day, should we be so blessed.  Katie, I loved meeting your crew.  Thank you for letting me run crazy around the house; jump on your bed, and roll on the ground to get these shots.  What a blast I had with the K family four.  

Meet: Mary + Tommy:

_Mary + Tommy Preview HERE_

See what I mean with that smile?  Killer cute.

xo Katy


  1. Awesome shots, Katy!

  2. wow, they are exceptionally good models! awesome photos, i loved them.

  3. Katy, these are ridiculously gorgeous! The shot with Mary's arm around Tommy on the bed is ah-mazing. SO good.