Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eight Months + Cinco de Mayo.

Warning: another obnoxious abundance of baby photos coming your way. 
Feel free to escape before it's too late.


SB is all over the place these days.  Crawling, pulling up, crawling, pulling up.  Falling down.  Cruising.  Falling down.  And pulling up again.  She's trying all varieties of foods and reluctantly testing the new-to-her textures (lots of gagging going on here, people).  Big fan of avocado.  Very vocal.  With that, we are getting glimpses of the resistance and persistence and many tantrums to come.  This baby is becoming more of a kid every day.  She is her own little person with her own, wonderfully colorful personality.
Tantrums or not, that makes these two new parents, two terribly happy ones.

 _Thanks for looking, if you made it all the way down here_

p.s. for those of you worried, baby does not crawl around in that co-sleeper unsupervised!  She doesn't sleep in it anymore, either.  Letting it continue to live in our bedroom is a classic case of Mom-can't-let-go-syndrome.  It will go to storage soon.  Soon.

xo Katy


  1. these are ALL fantabulous!!

  2. Love love love. Some of those of Stella look SO much like you and the others, Ari! That girl and her faces : )

    Also very much in love with that shot of Paxton with food all over his face, amazing!

  3. Gave you some Facebook love on this post already, but I ended up back on your blog from Siri's. I am obsessed with your photos. Can't wait to get our two girls together. Finally a lil girlfriend for SB! XO

  4. Katy Stella might be one of the happiest little girls in the world. She is ADORABLE! Love seeing your pics!