Monday, April 30, 2012

Linked In.

A wow factor wedding.  

Eat this with this + Trader Joe's Curry Naan.  

New favorite body wash.  So fresh and so clean.

Yes.  No.  NO.

Have you tried these yogurt dressings?  So good and good for you.

We are fans of chipotle and green pepper tabasco.  MUST TRY.

Cool Liz.  Because.

Cool Diane.  I mean.  Look at her nails?  

A birthday gift from best friends that I am absolutely in love with. 

On the "to-eat" list:

New favorite Los Angeles boutique + gift shop HERE.

The restaurant that makes the best homemade pasta I've experienced in LA.  

These are so much fun.  Thanks, Auntie Meggie!

Love these too.

New favorite bambino book in the Schneiderman house.

And speaking of the bambino...a snap from a walk at the cabin.
This kid LOVES that bjorn.  Perhaps because she feels like a real life big person up there.
We've even had some stroller boycotting as of late.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Bazillion Photos.

 I have been so absent from the blog and I'm sorry.  And I'm even more sorry if you do not care to see ten billion of my baby's photos but there are some friends and family that like to stay in the loop so I thought I'd blast it all out while I could.  This little sprite is crawling all over the house and gabbing and eating real life mushy foods and pulling up on things and flirting and has us falling in love more every day.  Ari is off of work for a wee bit.  Such a nice break for us all.  Feels like vacation and eating up every moment that we spend as a band of three.  Celebrating my birthday week with loads of family time and friend time and perhaps some out-of-town time.  Soon I'll be back with many Minnesota photo shoot posts and more.  Have been editing them like crazy.  Too much fun.  Cannot stop. xo

Friday, April 6, 2012


After a ten day stint in Minnesota, we are back on the West Coast.  
Safe and sound.  Inspired and informed.  Alive and enlightened.  
Full.  My heart and my mind are full!   
Midwest, you and your people, they sure do move me.

Beautiful Amy in a shot from one of many minne_sessions.  Much more to come.