Monday, May 27, 2013

Mickey's MN to CA Digs.

Earlier this week we made a day trip up North to meet our brand new nephew McCoy aka Mickey aka Dan's-utter-clone.  I am not only obsessed with that little dude and his parents but went a bit gaga for his nursery too!  My sister does an incredible job with decor - and more important - decor on a budget.  Now that she and I are (thankfully) back in the same state again, we've decided to team up and put our mutual love for "design on a dime" to good use.  Details are in the works but I will have more to come very soon. 

Oh and another things-are-crazy-and-changing-so-fast FYI; this site will be going back to it's roots and be used for personal happenings and other Katy nonsense only.  Latest photography work currently can be found HERE.

Will share more info when official site and blog revamp happens in the coming weeks.

Cha cha change.  Change is GOOD.



  1. cool nursery! i love it. you guys are all cute.

  2. sooooo adorable!!!!

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